For the Love of Don Bluth

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5 Favorite Don Bluth Films
↪(#1) Thumbelina
"You’re sure to do impossible things if you follow your heart."

The Secret of Nimh (1982)

Destroy the humans. Destroy them all.
Drej Attack - Titan A.E.

Every Don Bluth Film:
Anastasia (1997)

You were saying…?

On the wind, ‘cross the sea,
Hear this song and remember…
Soon you’ll be home with me
Once upon a December.

Sorry for the lack if updates guys, I’m just starting my final year of university and it’s very full on. Hopefully it’ll ease up soon so I can make some edits and gifs for you guys!

Thumbelina picspam1/∞

Thumbelina picspam


Home, Love, Family. There was once a time I must have had them too.

Anastasia (1997)